Blanco Crossing Dental provides general dentistry services at our location in Stone Oak, San Antonio, TX.  We’re proud to live and work in the area and we provide the highest quality Dental Care in Stone Oak.

NEW: COVID 19 Procedures for 2020

Your safety, protection and health are our highest priority.

According to guidelines set forth by the American Dental Association, all staff will be using

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  This is to reduce risk to our patients as well as to protect our staff.  You’ll notice that our waiting room is now arranged to encourage a social distancing environment, and you’ll have the option to wait in your car before being called in for your dentist appointment.

As always, our practice will be kept sparkling clean.  Equipment, chairs and surfaces will be disinfected and sanitized after patient visits.

Dental Services We Provide

Here is a quick summary of the dental care services we offer patients of all ages in the northern part of San Antonio:

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are your third set of molars and usually emerge right around the time that a teenager enters adulthood.  An exam will be required to do an accurate assessment for your situation.  Most people have wisdom teeth removed so that they don’t cause problems – like becoming impacted, causing issues with pain and crowding.


Unfortunately, adult teeth can be damaged to the point where removal is required.  We’re able to do an emergency extraction of your tooth while keeping you in complete comfort.  We can also discuss replacement options for the missing tooth that can preserve your appearance.  Ways to keep a great looking smile (and biting and chewing functions) includes bridges, dentures, and dental implants.  Note: While we don’t offer dental implants as a service in our office, we’ll refer you out to dentists (prosthodontists) in the community who are specialists at providing this service.

Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease (also known as periodontal disease) starts out as gingivitis – which is a buildup of bacteria in the gums.  If left untreated, this can result in more serious periodontal problems – perhaps even tooth loss.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are typically used to protect damaged teeth.  If you have lost a crown or have a cracked or broken tooth, call us to get a dentist to look at your tooth to see if you need a crown.

Dental Fillings / Bonding

We use natural looking, mercury-free composite fillings to fill cavities.  These fillings last an extremely long time.  We’ll also safely replace any amalgam fillings that you would like to have removed.

Emergency Services

In most cases, we are able to provide fast turnaround for dental emergencies.  If you’re feeling pain, call us now.  Toothaches rarely go away without intervention. Whether your tooth is chipped, cracked or broken – or if you or a loved one needs an extraction, call the doctor – we’re here to help.  We keep you in comfort during all emergency procedures.

Family Dentistry Services

We offer family dentist services at Blanco Crossing.  We’re able to work with everyone in your family to improve their smile and overall dental health. 

This includes the little ones and teens to instruct them on how to properly care for their teeth.  We’ll explain the importance of brushing, flossing and cavity prevention, and we’ll get them on a dental hygiene plan.

For mom and dad, we offer preventative and restorative dental services so that you can maintain oral health.

For older family members, we offer affordable dentures that allow you to keep your smile and your chewing function.

Dental Cleanings

Blanco Crossing Dental has skilled – and gentle – dental hygienists.  They’ll make sure your visit to our office is a pleasant one, and you’ll leave with your teeth and your mouth feeling fresh and clean.  They are experts at maintaining your oral health and giving you a great smile.  We welcome children of all ages, so be sure to bring all the members of your family.

Teeth Whitening

We feature Zoom teeth whitening which has the ability to turn your smile multiple shades brighter in just one visit.  The results are truly amazing. Coming in for an additional treatment can enhance the brightness benefit even more.

Sleep Dentistry

We offer oral sedation which will allow you to be in complete comfort during dental procedures.  We aren’t currently offering IV Sedation at this time, but can refer out to dentists specializing in IV Sedation for certain procedures.


As our patient, we take an exhaustive look at the health of your teeth, mouth and gums.  We’ll be looking for problem areas and concerns you mention, but we’re also on the lookout for issues that you may not even see or feel yet.  Dr. Jabbour takes a patient-centric approach to dental care and takes the time to answer any questions that you have.  We’ll also take x-rays to look for any issues that can’t be seen from visual inspection.


While we don’t currently offer any braces or orthodontics in office, we do have a relationship with qualified orthodontic offices in northern San Antonio who do a fantastic job.  Our partners can provide straighter, more beautiful smiles as part of their service offerings – usually with braces.  If you or a member of your family is in need of braces, we can get you in touch with specialists who can help.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We offer veneers (Lumineers) as well as bonding to provide our patients with beautiful smiles.  Lumineers are ultra thin – and are applied to irregularly shaped or colored teeth to give you a beautiful smile.  The wonderful thing about Lumineers is that they are non-invasive.  You get the smile of your dreams without invasive shots or procedures.


With our highly skilled staff, updated technology, and our clean, comfortable, relaxing atmosphere, we’re proud to have a 4.8 / 5 star rating on Google as of June, 2020.  Our dentistry has a 5 out of 5 rating on Facebook.  Pay us a visit and find out why Dr. Jabbour is one of the most beloved doctors in San Antonio. 

If you’re an existing patient, please tell others in northern San Antonio TX about your experience with our dental services by leaving us a review on Facebook or review us on Google.

Our Team of Dental Care Providers

Our Staff

Our skilled team has years of experience and is committed to beautiful smiles, quality dental care, and your overall oral health.  Their goal is to make your visit to our San Antonio office an enjoyable experience and keep you in comfort during your stay.  They’re all good listeners and pay close attention to your questions as well as any needs that you may have.

Office Manager
Dental Assistant
Dental Assistant
Dental Hygienist

Meet Your Dentist: Dr. Jabbour

Dr. Jabbour

Dr Jabbour has been practicing dentistry since 1995 after earning his DDS from Loma Linda University in California.

Dr. Jabbour is extremely active in attending continuing education courses for and accumulating continuing education experience.  His continuing coursework allows him to become skilled in the latest techniques and technology so that he’s able to provide the highest quality dental care to his patients.

He and his family reside in San Antonio, TX.

Current Specials

$39 for X-Ray & Exam (new patients only)

Insurance and Payment Information

Our dentistry accepts:

  • We accept credit cards
  • We accept carecredit
  • We accept most major insurance carriers – the odds are good that we accept your insurance plan – call for details

Call us for more information about insurance details, payment options, and how we handle the insurance process.  We’re happy to help!

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Our Location

19179 Blanco Rd #106
San Antonio, TX 78258

Phone: (210) 314-7949

We’re located about 1/2 mile west of stone oak parkway, and about 1/4 miles south of stone oak park.  You can see our office location on the map below.

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