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Root Canals in Stone Oak / San Antonio

Root Canals in Stone Oak

If you have pain in your tooth or jaw, you may have an infected tooth. One way to remove the infection and repair the tooth is to have a root canal performed by our experienced dentist, Dr. Jabbour. A root canal is a minimally invasive procedure used to fill a very deep cavity. For patients in San Antonio that need a root canal, the experienced team at our full service Stone Oak dentistry in Stone Oak will make the process smooth with very little discomfort.

Symptoms of an Infected Tooth:

  • A bad taste in your mouth that doesn’t go away after brushing and using mouthwash
  • Increased tooth sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures
  • Increased tooth sensitivity to sweets
  • Swelling of the gums, cheek or jaw
  • Tooth pain, especially when biting or chewing

What is a Root Canal?

The tooth pulp is within the dentin, located under the tooth’s enamel. The pulp carries the tooth’s nerves, veins, arteries, and lymp vessels. Root canals are very small divisions that branch off from the top of the pulp to the tip of the root. A tooth has at least one, but no more than four root canals.

The pulp can become infected due to a deep cavity or fracture that has allowed bacteria to grow. To save the tooth, the pulp will need to be removed, the tooth canals sterilized, and filled to prevent the growth of bacteria. A crown is usually necessary to complete the restoration of the tooth.

The entire procedure typically takes our San Antonio dentist two hours and may require two visits to our Stone Oak dental practice. The procedure is completed with rotary endodontic tools and numbing medication, making the procedure a fairly quiet and gentle procedure.

Treatment After Your Root Canal

After your root canal treatment at our practice, Dr. Jabbour and his staff will provide you with the needed aftercare instructions and a prescription for any needed medications that may be required to keep you comfortable.

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Root Canals in Stone Oak / San Antonio

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Dr. Jabbour currently resides in San Antonio, TX with his wife and their three children. He feels fortunate to be raising his family in the San Antonio community, and considers it a truly great place to live and work. When he is not helping make others smile, Dr. Jabbour enjoys spending time with his family and seeing the sights in and around Stone Oak.

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