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Embarrassed to Go to the Dentist?

You're Not Alone. We Know How to Make it a Much Better Experience.

There is no Need to be Embarrassed or Fearful

At Blanco Crossing Dental, Dr. Jabbour and his staff frequently welcome patients who for a variety of reasons are too embarrassed to go to the dentist for the care that is required to ensure their oral health. 

Our Stone Oak dental office prides itself on creating a comfortable, welcoming environment for people just like you. 

You’re not alone.  Many people have the same fear or embarrassment. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

Here, we cover  many of the reasons why people are embarrassed to visit their dentist – or other health professionals.  We also discuss why their fears are unfounded – and oftentimes negatively impact their health.

There's no need to be embarrassed to go to the dentist.
Not going to the dentist can lead to more serious and costly dental problems.

Ashamed to Go?  Don't Be.  Your Teeth And Dental Health Are Too Important to Ignore

Thinking back, when was your last checkup?  Do you feel that you do not have a healthy mouth?  Do you have bad teeth?  If it was more than a year, you are due.  If it was longer, than it is even more important to schedule an appointment. 

If your oral hygiene is not up to par, issues such as bad breath, tooth sensitivity, and periodontal disease or gum disease could progress to a much more serious situation.  Problems with bad teeth do not resolve themselves.  They only get worse over time and can cause further problems. 

Something as a simple cavity could be resolved in one appointment.  If not addressed, a tooth can decay to the point where a more intrusive method to resolve it would be needed, such as a root canal or possible extraction.  The first line of defense in dental health is regular checkups.

The Health of Your Mouth is Linked to Your Overall Physical Health

Additionally, your oral and overall health are interlaced.  Issues in your mouth and/or bad teeth can affect other things in your body and vice versa.  Neglecting your teeth can be a sign of something more serious such as heart disease and put your overall health at risk.  It could lead to bone loss. 

It is not unusual for people who avoid the dentist also avoid all doctor visits.  Start with a dental checkup.  It’s not as scary as you think.

Improving Your Smile Will Give You Confidence

Modern dentistry can do a lot of great things to improve your smile and oral health.  If you’re looking to keep your teeth healthy a regular dental appointment is key.  People who avoid dental visits, have bad oral hygiene habits or have neglected their oral health, may develop a fear of dentists or just be embarrassed.  If your fear or shame of dental offices is keeping you from having the confidence a great smile will provide, keep reading.

Improve your confidence and your overall oral health

Embarrassed to go to the Dentist?

So, what are you waiting for?  Ashamed to Go?  Countless people feel that way and there are many reasons employed to skip that trip to the dentist.  Here is a list of a few of the top reasons:

1. Trust – Have you had a traumatic experience or one or more past bad experiences with a dental issue?  Maybe that experience has caused you to develop a lack of trust.

2. Do you have tooth loss, broken teeth, rotten teeth or bad teeth?  Our culture places a lot of value on a nice smile.  Due to this, you may be apprehensive about going to the dentist if there is a feeling of shame about your teeth or oral health.  Delaying or avoiding a dental visit can cause those problems to get worse.

3. Anxiety or Fear of Pain – Maybe a past dental experience or dental visit didn’t go well. Maybe it’s just an irrational fear.  Dental treatments can be nerve racking.  According to the National Institutes of Health, 36% of the adult population has dental fear or some other anxiety about going to the dentist.  12% suffer from extreme dental fear.

4. Worry – This repair is going to cost me a lot of money.

If one or more of the above reasons sounds like you, you are not alone.  Many people feel the same. Those feelings are normal.  We can help resolve those issues and you should take action.

We will help change your perception about going to the dentist.  Your dentist wants you to live better and be healthier.  Your dentist is trained to handle a wide variety of problems and has most likely seen it all.  Your dentist can identify your issues, develop a treatment plan catered specifically for you.  The treatment plan can be structured to fit your life, budget, and time.

Overcoming Your Embarrassment of Going to the Dentist

Communicate your concerns. Explain to your dentist why you’re embarrassed before your visit. Sharing your concerns with the dentist and dental staff will help them adapt their treatment to your needs and put you at ease while you’re in the chair.

Think of the benefits. Addressing any existing issues with your teeth is the only way they’re going to get better, and the rewards go deeper than just your smile. Your mouth is the gateway to your overall health; taking care of your teeth is the foundation to a healthy body.

How to Overcome Your Dental Fear or Embarrassment

There a few tips of advice to help get over your embarrassment or dental anxiety.  Your dental health is very important and you feel comfortable and safe with your dental team.

1.  Open Communication – If you are a nervous patient, keep an open line of communication and express your concerns about visiting the dentist.

2.  Comfort – An anxious patient will feel more at ease if you chose someone that gives you a high level of comfort.

3.  Relationship – Make sure the members of your dental team are interested in listening and addressing your physical and emotional needs, will help you feel more relaxed and comfortable with your experience.

Remember, as this is important, the longer you wait, the more the problems grow.  Untreated teeth do not get better on their own.  You need the help of a caring trusted dental professional!  There are many treatment options to improve your smile and oral health.  So how and where do you find that caring, nonjudgemental, experienced dental professional?

Are You Ready to Give the Dentist Office Another Try?

Regular checkups aren’t just important for your oral health, but overall health as well.  Your dentist is a professional and their priority is your health.  Many are specially trained to deal with patients that may be nervous or have some other phobia and look forward to helping you overcome your fears.  Modern dentistry has made great strides to make you feel as comfortable as possible. 

Call Us for a Dental Appointment Now

It is time to get back to the dentist.  There really is no reason to be afraid or embarrassed.  Putting off dental visits can only lead to more severe – and more expensive – dental problems that can often times be prevented with routine visits.

Dr. Jabbour and his staff pride themselves on making your visit comfortable – regardless of how apprehensive you may be about going to the dentist.

Call now – (210) 314-7949 – or fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get into our office for an exam.

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