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We Proudly Take Delta Dental Insurance

Delta Dental Dentist in Stone Oak (North San Antonio)

In many cases, dental insurance (usually provided through your employer) makes it a bit more affordable to maintain your oral health. Blanco Crossing Dental accepts Delta Dental insurance along with most major insurance plans.

Delta Dental Premier, Deltacare & Delta Dental PPO

We are in-network members of both Delta Dental Premier and Delta Dental PPO. Descriptions of each dental plan are provided below.  We also accept Deltacare.

Delta Dental Premier

This is a fee-for service plan that allows patients to visit any dentist. If you’re an existing member of this premier plan, you can change dentists without the need to notify Delta Dental. This plan allows members to pay no more than the co-insurance specified by your coverage.

Delta Dental Preferred Provider Organization Plan (PPO)

Delta Dental PPO allows its members to visit any licensed dentist. Dr. Jabbour is a PPO dentist that is in the Delta Dental Network.

Delta Dental Companies from Other States

Delta Dental has member companies from many different states. If you’re new to the San Antonio / Stone Oak area and have Delta Dental Insurance from a different state (e.g. Delta Dental of Arizona, Delta Dental of Colorado, etc.) call our office. In the majority of cases, we will be able to accept insurance from Delta Dental Member Companies not only within Texas, but aslo from locations outside of Texas.

Dental Dental PPO and Delta Dental Premier Explained

Finding Your Delta Dental Insurance ID

Fortunately, Delta Dental makes it pretty easy to find your dental insurance ID so you can get the dental care you need.  The video below shows how to locate your ID so you can fully access your dental benefits at our Stone Oak Office.

Just Provide us With Your Name / Address / SSN In Order to Get Access to Your Dental Coverage

The Different Types of Coverage Your Delta Dental Plan Covers

For the purposes of dental insurance, most companies divide treatments into three categories: Preventive, Basic, and Major treatments. Each of these is described in detail below.

Note that coverage levels provided by insurance companies (including Delta Dental) tends to get lower on a percentage basis the more complex the treatment is. So your Delta Dental coverage may cover 100% of the cost for a preventive treatment (like a teeth cleaning), but your dental benefits may only a fraction of the cost for a more significant procedures like dental crowns.

Preventive Care

Preventive care typically applies to dental care services that help you to maintain your oral health. We can help you figure out what specific types of treatment your dental plan covers, but typically a preventive plan covers services like your periodic dental exam – (including an oral cancer screening), dental cleaning, and regularly scheduled x-rays. Many Delta Dental plans that you get through your employer cover up to 100% – but call our office for full details.

Basic Treatments

Basic Treatments with Delta Dental can include dental services that restore your dental health. This can include items like dental fillings as well as dental surgery procedures like root canals and teeth extractions. In most cases, Delta Dental doesn’t cover the entire cost of these procedures – it is usually 80% or less. Again, call our office for details on how your dental coverage applies to these types of procedures.

Major Treatments

Major Restorative Care is another category of dental insurance coverage that applies to more significant oral surgery procedures.  This could possibly include dental implants, bridges, and crowns.  The benefit is much less likely to cover a major treatment versus a more basic or preventive procedure.

In most cases many dental insurers, including Delta Dental, tend to cover much less of the cost for these types of procedures.  Dental benefits for major treatments may only cover 50% or less of a major procedure cost. But contact our office and we will tell you exactly how much your insurance covers.

Take the Guesswork out of Dental Health Insurance.

Please Call With Your Questions (210) 314-7949

Having a great dental insurance plan like Delta Dental is important in maintaining your oral health. Unfortunately, taking the time to read through an insurance plan online through the Delta Dental Member Portal to figure out what services are covered and what dentists are in-network can be confusing.

We are experts and working with insurance companies and determining what is completely covered by insurance, and what may be only partially recovered and require an out of pocket cost.

In other words, we can tell you what your dental plan covers and what it doesn’t. We can shed light on the exact dental benefit that you may be eligible to receive from Delta Dental.

For example, many services at our dentistry (especially preventive procedures like dental cleanings) may be fully or partially covered by Delta Dental.  Restorative procedures in many cases are not completely covered by dental insurance.

We’ll be able to tell you what services are covered by Delta Dental, and what kind of fees to expect for dental procedures. Our staff will work hard on your behalf to submit your insurance claims to reduce your overall expenses to the greatest amount possible.

Our staff is always available to help answer any Delta Dental insurance-related questions.

Easy Payment Options

We accept most major insurance, cash, most credit cards, and offer patient financing with CareCredit.
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We Proudly Take Delta Dental Insurance

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Welcome from Dr. Jabbour and His Staff

About Dr. Jabbour

For over 20 years, Ghias Jabbour, DDS, has been providing comprehensive dental care to Stone Oak and San Antonio residents to help them achieve and maintain healthy and beautiful smiles. He is passionate about working with patients, listening to their concerns and goals, and creating dental treatment plans that are not only effective, but also affordable. Serving Stone Oak and San Antonio, family dentist Dr. Jabbour is dedicated to helping make each dental experience as positive and rewarding as possible for his patients.

Dr. Jabbour currently resides in San Antonio, TX with his wife and their three children. He feels fortunate to be raising his family in the San Antonio community, and considers it a truly great place to live and work. When he is not helping make others smile, Dr. Jabbour enjoys spending time with his family and seeing the sights in and around Stone Oak.

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