United Healthcare Dental Insurance Dentist in Stone Oak (North San Antonio)

Blanco Crossing Dental is in-network for United Healthcare’s National Options PPO 20, and National Options PPO 30.

We have worked with United Healthcare to offer services to their in-network plans to offer dental services at a reduced rate from our standard fee schedule.

Coverage varies, but dental insurance typically covers more (sometimes 100%) for preventive procedures (like cleanings and exams) – and a bit less for more extensive restorative dental services like crowns and bridges.

Coverage is completely dependent on your specific insurance plan.  Call us for details on what your plan covers.

Confused about what your United Healthcare Dental Insurance Covers?
Call (210) 314-7949 With Insurance Questions.

We work with dental insurers on a daily basis, and we can tell you what procedures and services your dental insurance covers.

Call us now, we’d be happy to provide some insight into how much our services and procedures will cost after insurance is taken into account.

We Deal with Your Insurance Company (United Healthcare)

As a United Healthcare provider, we take care of talking to the insurance company and sending them all the required paperwork.  We work hard to keep your costs down, and keep you coming back to see us.