United Concordia Dental Insurance Dentist in Stone Oak (North San Antonio)

Blanco Crossing Dental is in Network for many United Concordia Dental Plans.  As of this writing, we accept United Concordia Dental Insurance from the following networks:

  • Advantage Plus 2.0
  • Advantage Plus
  • Alcoa
  • Alliance
  • Arconic
  • Armstrong World Industries
  • Comcast/NBC Universal Elite Plus
  • Concordia Advantage
  • Elite Plus
  • Elite Prime
  • Federal Dental Program Network
  • Howmet Aerospace
  • LAUSD PPO Network
  • National Fee-For-Service
  • National Medicare Advantage Dental
  • ParNet Advantage
  • U G I Dental Network

These networks may change over time – be sure to call to confirm that we are in-network for your United Concordia Insurance Plan.

How Dental Insurance Works

We have worked with United Concordia to offer discounted dental services which are below our standard rates for patients carrying insurance plans for which we are in-network.

Dental insurance typically offers deep discounts or full coverage for preventive procedures (like exams and cleanings), and lesser discounts for restorative procedures.  So your cleanings and exams may be fully (or mostly) covered, but you may only receive discounts for other dental services.  Some dental services have little to no coverage.

That said, coverage varies greatly by insurance provider and plan.

Call us to learn your exact coverage for dental procedures in our office.

Confused about what your United Concordia Dental Insurance Covers?
Call (210) 314-7949 With Insurance Questions.

Dental insurance can be very confusing.  United Concordia has a lot of different network offerings which can seem overwhelming.

Fortunately, we work with insurance companies on a daily basis and can easily tell you how much coverage you can expect from United Concordia for all of our dental procedures.

We Make Insurance Easy for You

As a United Concordia provider, we will submit all of your insurance claims directly.  We will keep you informed and keep your out of pocket costs down as much as possible.