GEHA Dental Insurance Dentist in Stone Oak (North San Antonio)

Blanco Crossing Dental is in-network for the following GEHA Dental Plans:

  • FEDVIP Standard Option
  • FEDVIP High Option
  • Connection Dental Plus

Descriptions of each of these plans is provided below

FEDVIP High Option

The FEDVIP High option provides excellent – sometimes full – coverage for preventive procedures like cleanings, exams and x-rays.

Coverage is also substantial for more significant procedures like fillings, extractions and crowns.

Coverage drops off a bit for more serious restorative procedures like crowns, bridges and dentures.

FEDVIP Standard Option

The FEDVIP Standard option is similar to the FEDVIP High Option, but offers less of a discount than the High Option for all procedures that aren’t preventive.

Connection Dental Plus

This is a supplemental dental plan which offers significant discounts on many dental procedures.

Confused about what your GEHA Dental Insurance Covers?
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Insurance companies have different networks and plans, and it can be very hard to follow.  Fortunately, we have years of experience with insurance companies and we have the answers to your questions.

Call us now, we’d be happy to provide some insight into how much our services and procedures will cost after insurance is taken into account.

We Deal GEHA Paperwork

As a GEHA provider, we take care of all communications and form submittals. Our goal is to keep your out of pocket costs down.