Cigna Dentist in Stone Oak (North San Antonio)

Blanco Crossing Dental accepts Cigna DPPO Advantage as well as Cigna DPPO.  We also accept most other major dental insurance.

Cigna DPPO Advantage 

Cigna DPPO advantage is Cigna’s highest level of coverage and has the largest number of dentists and locations in Texas and beyond.

You get agreed to rates for dental procedures that we offer in our Stone Oak office. As a result, you’ll pay less than our standard rates for many of our dental service offerings.

Coverage for dental services may vary based on your specific dental plan.

Cigna DPPO

You’ll also receive lower rates for many dental services with the Cigna DPPO. This plan is a lower tier than Cigna DPPO Advantage and the discounts on dental services aren’t as great as what you’ll receive with the Cigna DPPO Advantage plan.

Savings can be around 50% of what you’ll realize with the Cigna DPPO Advantage plan.

Confused about what your Cigna DPPO Insurance Covers?
Call (210) 314-7949 With Insurance Questions.

Dental Insurance coverage varies greatly between providers and plans.  It can be extremely confusing.  Fortunately, we are experts for all things related to dental insurance and can help you figure out your coverage.

Some procedures may be fully covered, others partially covered, and still other dental services will be mostly out of pocket for Cigna Dental insurance holders.  Call us to get the exact answers you’re looking for regarding what is covered by your insurance.

We do our best to keep your out of pocket costs down, and we will proactively submit your insurance claims to Cigna.