Ameritas Dentist in Stone Oak (North San Antonio)

Blanco Crossing Dental accepts Ameritas Dental Insurance (In addition to most major insurance plans).

Ameritas Dental Insurance Plans

We are in-network members of both Ameritas Classic Network (PPO), Ameritas Plus, and Ameritas Value dental insurance plans.

Coverage within Ameritas plans may vary.

Ameritas Classic Network (PPO)

The Ameritas Classic Network is typically offered by employers to their employees.  As a network provider, Blanco Crossing Dental has agreed to charge a set maximum fee for Ameritas Insurance Holders.

In addition to the agreed-upon fee structure, the Ameritas Classic Network plan offers other advantages to its members including quick turnaround on claims.

Ameritas Advantage Plus

With Ameritas Advantage Plus, members get discounted dental fees and immediate discounts on network services.

You can visit an out of network dentist with Advantage plus – you’ll just have to pay any difference between the maximum allowable charge for the service and what your out of network provider is charging.

Take the Guesswork out of Ameritas Dental Insurance –
Call (210) 314-7949 with your dental insurance questions

We know how tricky it can be to figure out insurance – fortunately, we do it every day and are happy to work with you to answer your questions about your Ameritas Dental Insurance.

As with most insurance companies, there are some procedures that may be fully or partially covered by Ameritas.  There are other procedures that may not be covered by Ameritas.

We can tell you what procedures your particular plan covers as well as what fees to expect when Ameritas doesn’t completely cover specific services.

We’ll reduce your out of pocket costs as much as possible and we’ll submit your insurance claims to Ameritas.