Aetna Dental Dentist in Stone Oak (North San Antonio)

Blanco Crossing Dental accepts Aetna Dental Direct along with most major insurance plans.

Aetna Dental Direct PPO / PDN

We are in-network members of both Aetna Dental Direct PPO and PDN. In Texas, the PPO (preferred provider organization) is known as the participating dental network (PDN).

Plans within the Aetna Dental PDN will vary.

Aetna PDN Pre-Enrollment Papers

Reference your plan design overview as well as your Summary of Benefits.  These papers will contain information about what dental procedures may be covered – and to what extent – under your insurance plan as well as what procedures are excluded.

Already Enrolled in Aetna PPO (PDN)?

You should have access to your plan documents that will go into a much more in-depth breakout of the services, procedures and coverage that is allowed in your plan.

We realize insurance can be confusing.  We are experts at dealing with all matters related to dental insurance.  We’re happy to help you figure out what your Aetna Insurance covers.

Take the Guesswork out of Dental Insurance –
Please Call Us If You Have Questions (210) 314-7949

We work with insurance companies every day and are able to answer any questions that you have regarding your Aetna Dental Insurance.

Some procedures – like dental exams – may be partially or even fully paid by Aetna Dental depending on your specific plan.

We can tell you what procedures your particular plan covers as well as what fees to expect when Aetna doesn’t completely cover specific services.

We will work hard for you and will submit your insurance claims to Aetna in order to reduce your out of pocket costs as much as possible.